"Stop Your Valuable Website Content Being Stolen And Copied Onto Other Peoples' Sites

...And Boost Your Traffic, Too!"

Dear Friend,

Are you concerned that your exclusive website content may be stolen and copied onto other websites?

You're not alone!

More and more website owners are now finding that their content has been illegally copied.

This process undermines the exclusivity of the content - and has serious implications for search engine traffic.

The fact is that it's amazingly easy to copy content from any website.

You just select the content using your mouse and then right click and select "Copy" (or click Ctrl and C on the keyboard).

The content is immediately copied onto the Windows Clipboard - and it can then be instantly pasted into any other website.

But now I'd like to tell you about an easy solution to this problem.

And I'd like to start with a quick demonstration.

So please now try copying some of the content from this web page onto your Windows Clipboard - and see what happens.

If you tried it, you should have seen a popup telling you that you are not allowed to copy the content - and nothing will have been copied onto your Windows Clipboard.

This page is protected by our Web Copy Guard software.

The software stops all page content being copied onto the Windows Clipboard, making it much more difficult to steal the content.

This protection has other advantages too, potentially increasing website traffic automatically.

And now you can easily apply this same protection to all your websites - instantly with almost zero effort...

Simple Solution Blocks Copying

If you did try to copy content from this page, you'll have seen a popup telling you that the content is protected by copyright law and may not be copied.

Most people who copy content from websites do not actually realise that it is illegal.

That's because there are now so many sites that allow - or even encourage - people to copy their content.

Most article directories have always allowed copying of articles from the site.

Many social sites and wiki sites (including Wikipedia) allow copying of the content, because the content does not belong to the site, but is shared content from individuals.

Some sites, such as YouTube and Yahoo Answers even provide special "APIs" to make it even easier to copy content from the site.

So a lot of people now copy content from any website they like, without ever even considering that it might be illegal.

That's why a simple message telling them that it is illegal is generally all it takes to stop people copying your content.

But Web Copy Guard does also block the copy process, so nothing actually gets copied onto the Windows Clipboard.

Boosts Traffic Automatically

As well as protecting your content from being copied onto other websites, Web Copy Guard has a secondary benefit.

Tests have shown that a significant percentage of visitors who like your content will copy content to the Windows Clipboard and then send the content to their friends in an email.

This process is not actually harmful to your website in any way.

But it does lose you potential traffic.

If the visitor sent their friends a link to your website instead, you would benefit from additional traffic when the friends visited your website.

With Web Copy Guard, visitors are prevented from copying your content - and the popup asks the visitor to share your sites web address instead.

This means you can get extra traffic automatically.

Protect Against Source Code Copying

Most people who want to copy your content will just copy it directly from the page.

But some people will instead view the source code of the page and then copy the content.

It's not possible to actually prevent people viewing the source code of a web page, so you cannot actually block them from copying content in this way.

But you can include a prominent message in the source code to make sure that anyone viewing the source code knows that it is illegal to copy the content.

Web Copy Guard can optionally add such a message to the source code of your page automatically.

The message is in the form of an HTML comment, so will not be visible when viewing the page in a web browser (it is only visible when viewing the source code of the page).

The message should also be ignored by all search engines (which should just skip over HTML comments).

If you want to see this message, just view the source code of this page (just right click anywhere on the page and then select "View source").

You'll see a prominent message in the source indicating that the content is copyrighted and must not be copied.

This provides a simple solution that should deter people from copying your content.

Protect Noscript Browsers

Almost all Internet users have "Javascript" enabled in their browsers.

Javascript is enabled as standard in all browsers. Only advanced users even know what Javascript is, so most people would never even consider disabling it.

A lot of websites, including major sites like YouTube don't work at all if Javascript is not enabled.

But a very small percentage of people may disable Javascript in their browsers.

The Web Copy Guard code that blocks copying relies on Javascript.

So if Javascript is disabled in a visitor's browser, the feature will not work.

To provide some protection in this case, Web Copy Guard can (optionally) add a bright red message at the bottom of the web page, telling visitors that all content is copyrighted and must not be copied.

This message only appears when the browser has Javascript disabled, so few (if any) of your visitors will ever see the message.

But it provides valuable protection for those few visitors that have disabled Javascript.

Easily Protect Your Websites

You can easily protect any ordinary websites that consist of HTML pages (pages with file names ending in .htm or .html).

Use the special tool shown below to create your script:

You can set the message shown in the popup when a visitor tries to copy your content.

You can also select whether to include the source code protection and the noscript protection.

Click the Create button and the tool will instantly create the script

Upload the script to your web host.

All the pages on your website will then be protected automatically, including the copy protection, optional source code protection and optional noscript protection.

It really is that simple. You don't even need to modify your web pages.

Use On All Your Websites At No Extra Cost

The software is licensed for use on an unlimited number of websites, so you can use it on every website you own, without paying any extra.

Get Your Copy Now For Just $9.95

You'll receive instant access to your software by Internet download.

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Limitations Of The Protection:
The software aims to make visitors aware that your content is copyrighted and should not be copied. It also prevents simple copying of content directly from the web page. But this protection does rely on the visitor's browser. It has been tested with the major browsers and should work for well over 90% of the visitors to a typical website. But it may not work for all visitors. The software will hence deter the vast majority of people from copying content from your website. But it does not provide 100% protection and it will not stop someone really determined to copy your content. There is no way to fully protect website content, since it is publically accessible on the Internet. But this software does significantly reduce the probability of content being copied. Please note also that this software does not protect images (only textual content).

Script Requirements: Websites must support PHP and .htacess files (these are supported as standard on most decent web hosts). The tool that creates the script requires a PC running Microsoft Windows (any version).

Earnings Disclaimer: Although we provide powerful tools which can help boost traffic and prevent content theft, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this software. We will however happily refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.